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Lawyers at Goldstein and CleggThe Law Office of Goldstein and Clegg, LLC, located in Middleton, Massachusetts is a full service law firm made up of caring and helpful lawyers assisting people who have been subject to wrongful termination at work, or subject to sexual harassment through their employment. We also help victims of automobile accidents and slip and fall accidents get the money to recover from their injuries.  Our lawyers believe in protecting your money through simple and complex estate planning as well as stopping creditors from calling through chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

Massachusetts Employment Law & Sexual Harassment

If you have been subjected to an unlawful wrongful termination or have been a victim of employment discrimination in the workplace including sexual harassment, our law firm may be able to help.   The complex and confusing employment laws and procedural rules in Massachusetts leave many employees wondering where to turn for help.

Filing for Bankruptcy
In these tough economic times, has your debt spun out of control?  Is your mortgage company threatening to foreclose on your property? Even if you have not paid your mortgage in months, our firm may be able to stop a foreclosure action with very little notice with a bankruptcy filing.

Likewise, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of owing your creditors more money than you can pay, and feel you need to declare bankruptcy to relieve your debt, our Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you.  Our consumer debt attorneys handle Chapter 7 and 13 personal and small business bankruptcy filings.

Personal Injury Law

If you been injured in an auto accident or slip and fall due to no fault of your own and the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to be compensated for your personal injuries.  Our law firm can help you negotiate with the insurance companies and if needed file a law suit to get you what the money you deserve.

DUI / OUI Defense

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, you need a good defense attorney, who can help you understand the penalties and significant fees you face.  Often times, especially for a first offense, there are many strategies to defend, and even cut a deal with the prosecution to reduce if not eliminate the charges.  For more information contact our DUI defense lawyers today.

Estate Planning

Where there is a Last Will and Last Will there is a probate Court Proceeding.  Our law firm can help you avoid probate and plan accordingly to ensure that your loved ones receive the distribution of your assets and wealth in the way you want without being tied up in Probate Court for over a year.  We offer full Massachusetts Estate Planning Services, through living Trusts and Wills.


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